Top 3 best healthy places in Barcelona

Top 3 best healthy places in Barcelona

Barcelona is fantastic city: multicultural, moving, alive, but also – perfect for heathy eaters like me. During my trip to Barcelona, I checked many places with seasonal and fresh food. Here is my top 3 best healthy places in Barcelona.

Flax & Kale
Carrer dels Tallers, 74, 08001 Barcelona

Flax&Kale_9Contemporary design, polite waiters, but most important – amazing menu for vegans and vegetarians. The founder of this place – Teresa Carles opened her first vegan restaurant back in 1979 and today can be counted as one of the leaders of healthy eating in Spain. Flax & Kale offers dishes with fresh vegetables (80% of menu) and oily fish.

Flax&Kale-kale-salad Flax&Kale-avocado-tost


I have tried many things here and fell in love with kale salad, gluten free quinoa, blueberry muffin, sashimi and avocado toast. And, of course, organic green cold pressed juices are to die for and will help you to stay healthy and kill all the viruses. Teresa said it’s the only cold press in Spain so far. I believe.

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Teresa Carles
Carrer de Jovellanos, 2, 08001 Barcelona

Another place from the same owner – Teresa Carles. A must-visit place in Barcelona even if you’re not a vegetarian. Cool, warm and friendly with a perfect cuisine and pleasant atmosphere. Wooden interior translates into ecofriendliness of all business – all dishes and freshly made, meet and gluten free and chef Teresa Charles known as a big supporter of local farmers.

12534390_245435082454677_689962933_nI personally loved everything, but especially desserts and juices that you can take away and enjoy during the day of sightseeing in Barcelona. Even if I’m not the biggest fan of sweets, I found desserts in Teresa Carles to be one of the best I’ve ever tried.

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Pintor Fortuny, 25, 08001 Barcelona

Biocenter (5)
Another vegetarian place with a glorious history. Biocenter was founded in 1980 and from the very beginning specialized on vegan and vegetarian cuisine based on organic farming and grain products. The prices are reasonable, plus they have a lot special offers like Dish of the Day, Set menu and Salad Bar.

Biocenter (1) Biocenter (2) Biocenter (4)

I loved Salad Bar – you can eat as much as you want chooses from different kind of vegetables and vegan additions. If you’re here for a dinner try a raw lasagna and soup. The place is not only perfect for your lunch and dinner, but for quality free-time. They organized plenty of workshops, courses of food and lectures.

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