Vegan stuffed peppers with Green Spinach Salad

Vegan stuffed peppers with Green Spinach Salad

Time of cooking 20-30m.

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Step one : Add 1 cup white long grain rice to the bowl with 1 and 3/4 cups of water. Add curry and salt while doing the rice. Cooking time approximate 10-15 m. Make sure the rice is not over cooked, even slightly raw. In meantime, take another non sticky pan with small amount of olive oil, leave on high heat for 10 сек. Fry small cut onion for 10 seconds, follow by grated carrots. Leave for 2-3min on high heat, stir constantly, add celery and kale, mix up your veggies and cook for another 2-3 minutes. Lower the heat and add tomatoes, salt, time seeds, white sesame seeds, fresh chili hot pepper cut into very small piece. Cook closed with cover top for 1min. Remember: more chili – less or more spicy dish! The veggies should be slightly raw by the end. Drain your cooked rice and mixed with prepared veggies mix. Your stuffing is ready!

Step Two :

Prepare your peppers by cutting off the top and clean it from the seeds, keep the top on the side.
Stuff Peppers with the prepared mix of veggie from step one and close with the cut top.
Add everything in the bowl with a bit of water or a steamer, cook for other 10-15min.

Step Three :

Mix greens with half hempseed and half olive oil, white sesame seeds, fresh lemon juice and salt, add the seasoning on the plat. Put cooked peppers on top at the same plat.
Your dish is ready !

Enjoy your Vegan stuffed peppers with Green Spinach Salad 🙂

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