W Barcelona: one sexy hotel in Spain

I am always on a hunt for a new brilliant hotel to stay while traveling and enjoy sharing the best of them with my readers. This post is about the hotel I found extremely magnetic and sexy.

W Barcelona hotel raises 26 floors up. This glass cladded building reminds me of a beautiful ship.  It was built by Ricardo Bofill and is located in the heart of the famous Barceloneta on the beachfront.

I chose this hotel most importantly because it is dog-friendly. As you know, my dog Bonita loves travelling with me. In fact, at the time of writing this article she enjoys lying on the bed’s soft and chic sheets. Everything is possible in this hotel if you know Sergi from #Letschat. He made my stay exceeding all expectations of hospitality by recommending and RSVP great restaurants and amazing spa. He also fixed a few mistakes made by his colleagues (I am not naming names here, they know who they are).


Have I already mentioned the amazing option of using WhatsApp to communicate to the hotel stuff? It is simply brilliant and they reply straight away, helping you with whatever inquiries you have. Anything from reservations to room service, to spa bookings – #Letschat it’s your personal concierge in Barcelona thanks to W Hotel.

Now let me tell you about my room. I had a breathtaking sea view and got very inspired by the interior. During the casting in Barcelona, I’ve met an amazing photographer Alicia Torres. And we decided to make a photoshoot with her and make-up artist Martha Saez. And voila, in 2 hours the project “Food and Fashion in Barcelona” was born.


W Barcelona hotel just screams sex if you know what I mean. Recently I had girls conversation about the lack of sexiness in design and fashion. But that was until I stayed in this hotel. The room purely exudes sexy vibes. The panoramic view window with a long couch next to it, the mirrored walls next to a big bed, spacious shower with a seat… Ahh, it sounds incredibly sensual to me!


Another thing added to the all great experience was Bliss spa. And I’m not saying this because they offered me free service; I’ve paid for everything myself, as a normal guest.

I fell in love with this hotel and can’t wait to be back perhaps with someone special to take the full advantage of this amazing place. #itissexy #lifeofthemodel

Photo: Alicia Torres
Make-up: Marta Saez using MAC
Location: W Hotel, Barcelona


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