What is ‘plenty’ in Estonian?

I have met KÜLLUS guys at Biofach exhibition in February this year. It turned out KÜLLUS is a child of Estonia’s famous company Röngu Mahl. At the exhibition they were offering organic berry juices, organic juice concentrates and organic jams which I especially liked. Here is an interview with company’s export manager Tarmo Prangel.

Tarmo, could you tell me about Röngu Mahl story and the idea behind KÜLLUS?

The name Röngu Mahl translates as “Röngu’s Juice”. Röngu is a small town near Tartu in Estonia and as far as I know juices, jams and marmalades were made there since the middle of the last century. Our company was founded in 1986. Now we are well known all over the country and constantly develop new products. We have clients in HoReCa sector too. KÜLLUS was created in 2015 with an idea to reach the export markets. There was a new packaging designed specifically for the brand and it gained positive reviews from the visitors at the international trade fairs.

Can we say that KÜLLUS is a Röngu Mahl’s younger generation? What is so special about it?

Yes, KÜLLUS is our younger brand, export oriented. In English it means ‘plenty’. Estonia is famous for its beautiful nature and it is something that we are very proud of. Our company offers its customers the real taste of wild berries. It is very special, a bit tickly and definitely the one to remember and return to.

What kind of berries do you use to produce KÜLLUS products?

We buy the berries from our partners in Estonia, Karelia, Finland, Sweden and Russia. Last year we decided to launch a line of products made of organic berries. We found out that the ones that meet our requirements only grow in the northern parts of Europe. So we chose 4 kinds of wild berries: cloudberry, wild cranberry, wild lingonberry, and wild bilberry. They all have the origin certificates and the production chain is also supervised starting from picking the berries to the finished product.

What do your offer your customers? Why KÜLLUS products are different?

For Röngu Mahl and for KÜLLUS the quality is the top value. Comparing to other manufactures we don’t dilute our products. There are no added colorants or flavorings. Our products contain the biggest percentage of berries (or fruits) possible and if it’s necessary, we add organic cane sugar.

We offer 100% juices with no added sugar, nectars with juice content of at least 40%, juice drink concentrates, jams and marmalades.

I’d love to say a few words about our juice drink concentrates. We have 13 of them. The berries are first pressed to get the juice, then we evaporate the water and add the necessary amount of cane sugar depending on the berry’s acidity. This product is amazingly multifunctional. You can use it to make a drink, add to yoghurts, to your dairy, as a topping for your ice-cream or other desserts. It works well for your barbecues too. As for our organic line of products made with cloudberry, wild cranberry, wild lingonberry and wild bilberry, we offer juices, jams and nectars.

What are the perspectives? Is it very often that you take part in trade fairs like this one?

We are well known at home in Estonia and have many clients and partners here but we would of course like to introduce our products to more people. That is why we are looking for international markets opportunities. We would be very happy to have partnering shops which would represent our products abroad.

Last year we exhibited at Milano Expo in Italy and got a lot of good reviews. Here in Germany we are perceived as something rather unusual. Biofach customers prefer berries that are sweeter, like our wild bilberry. At the end of the year we plan to exhibit in Malmö and we will definitely return to Biofach next year.

PS: Using KÜLLUS juice I made a yummy smoothie this morning! Wanna give it a try?

You gonna need:

1/2 frozen banana

50 mlg KÜLLUS juice

20 mlg Almond milk

1/2 Avocado

4 Strawberries

Blend all together and enjoy your smoothie!


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