Which juicer to choose?

There is a lot of information about juicers but which of them is the best and why? I receive a lot of these questions from my readers almost every day.

Here is what I know and have learned through my personal experience with juicing. In a juices’ world, nothing tastes better than a homemade fresh juice. I am a big fan of slow juicing. My personal favorite if Kuvings slow juicer.

Why did I choose this one?  It doesn’t break the fiber, minimizes oxidation due to the lower speed, squeezes more juice from even the smallest amount of fruits and vegetables. I love that it also makes smoothies, is easy to clean and doesn’t produce much nois

Thanks to this juicer, I make my favourite fresh juices. For example, Green Energy which helps me to wake up in the morning! Or this easy and tasty “Men power” juice!

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Anastassia Khozissova 

PHOTO: Ksenia Ivanova @ksenia_photo_it; All Rights Reserved AK Consulting LLC

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