Zunderschwamm: a mushroom wonder

At Biofach exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany I stopped at a stall of a startup company called Zunderschwamm Naturprodukte. Zunderschwamm translates to English as tinder mushroom and the company’s business is to extract the active ingredients from this medicinal mushroom. I spoke to Daniel Gareis, one of the company’s founders, responsible for research and development.

Could you explain more about what you are doing?

We collect tinder mushrooms, extract the active ingredients and use them to make food supplements and skincare products. We also make accessories like hats, gloves, purses out of tinder mushroom leather, a vegan and regrowing alternative to traditional leather.

How interesting! Who would think you can make textiles out of mushrooms. How did you come up with this idea to use mushrooms to produce all the mentioned things?

There are actually many researches that show beneficial qualities of different kinds of medicinal mushrooms. The key ingredients are polysaccharides beta-glucanes. They stimulate our immune system and are used to prevent and treat diseases.

We did our research as well and found out that this tinder mushroom has a special type of beta-glucanes. We carried out more tests and found what mushroom components are the most active and how to effectively extract them.

Where do the mushrooms grow and how do you collect them?

They grow in a forest in Bavaria and we collect them manually. There is a set of rules written by a German Ministry of Forests and the collectors follow them. These rules are aimed to preserve the ecosystem of the forest.

You’ve said this tinder mushroom was different in some way. What is so special about it?

The thing is that this one has a higher concentration of beta-glucanes which are proven adaptogenes and immunomodulators.

What is about your Glucaneo™ complex? What exactly is it?

It is a complex of the active ingredients we’ve learned to extract from the tinder mushroom. We’ve developed 3 types of Glucaneo™ to be used for different purposes. Glucaneo900 is great to treat inflammation, skin irritation and as a immunomodulator. The tests showed its efficacy in atopic dermatitis treatment.

Glucaneo400 helps to protect skin from environmental impact and photo aging due to its high antioxidants content and sun protection qualities.

And finally Glucaneo100 is used as an anti-aging component helping to reduce wrinkles, moisturizing your skin and enhancing the elasticity.

What is currently on offer for your customers?

First of all, it is our skin care line. It has face and body creams and a protective cream for a very dry and sensitive skin. Besides we offer a range of supplements in powder and capsules form. Currently there are 3 of them. Pure is finely milled pure tinder mushroom. It can be taken in capsules or you can mix it with water or, for example, add to your healthy baking recipe.

Power is same finely milled mushroom with added beetroot powder as a source of vitamin B. It is great for athletes, students, also vegetarians who need a plant source of vitamin B — anyone who needs to support their mental and physical performance. Finally, Immu is our tinder mushroom mixed with Camu-Camu powder as a great source of vitamin C. This supplement can be used when you need to support your immune system during stress times or intensive training period. This one can be used temporary or permanently as a dietary supplement. You can mix the powders with your smoothies, add to muesli or make a drink.

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